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Wow!  No other word in the English language can explain the way CurbZilla transformed our home's lawn and garden areas into aesthetically pleasing, park-like showcases. The new curbs have only been sculpted in place for a few hours  and four neighbors have already stopped by to look them over, nod and smile, and heartily approve! What the CurbZilla creators accomplished in a single afternoon has  become the talk of the neighborhood!

The new curbs were recommended to us based on our needs. We chose a curb that will support the wheels of a riding lawnmower. What this means is that no one will have to follow up with a weed whacker to cut any errant left over grass after mowing almost an acre of lawn. There will be no grass creeping into the garden. In short, the work of keeping our lawn and garden looking amazing has just become a lot easier! Best of all, there will be more time to simply enjoy being outdoors!

We're sold on CurbZilla and on the men who made it all happen today. They sealed the curbs at day's end and followed up by giving careful instructions about how to protect them for the first few hours, days and weeks until they're fully set and tough as can be.

We highly recommend CurbZilla to any homeowner, builder, or homeowner's association that wants to make a statement about quality workmanship and natural beauty without saying a word.

Jackie and Kris Smith,
Tacoma WA



What a beautiful and functional improvement this curbing made to our yard! We waiting 5 years to do this and now wonder why we waited so long. Rolland, Chuck and Bill are the best of people, who care about doing good work and work hard at doing it. We enjoyed the short time they were working at our home and continue to enjoy the work they did here every day. We would certainly use CurbZilla again or recommend them to others. Thanks guys!


Bob & Ardell
Graham , WA


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